These mid-sized gatherings center around different experiences—some social, some missional, and some based around shared interests. Hosted by Redeemer Downtown congregants and open to anyone, these events are a casual and fun way to get to know people authentically. Feel free to invite your friends!

What do Local Gatherings look like?


Food these days is a pastime, a destination, an art, and a love language. Eating together is a way of sharing culture, and—best of all—it welcomes others in and makes space for real friendship to grow. Join potlucks at people’s homes or support local businesses by going to neighborhood restaurants.


Bond over shared hobbies and passions. Whether it’s biking, playing volleyball, discussing a book, learning new board games, or visiting a museum, there’s bound to be something exciting to do with people from Redeemer Downtown in your neighborhood.


Anyone who truly loves New York City wants to make it a more just and peaceful place. One way to do that is by joining a Local Gathering that serves in your area. Some of the key ministries Redeemer Downtown participates in are the Father’s Heart, the Bowery Mission, and Next Step Community Church.

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Where do Local Gatherings meet?

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